Postmen is a sound


Postmen is created by award winning artist, songwriter, and record producer Remon Stotijn. a.k.a. The Anonymous Mis. His first album derived from his production company and record label Social Life Music. In the studio and live on stage, Stotijn works with great musicians and engineers that commend the Postmen sound and experience.


Postmen rose to prominence in the second half of the 1990s with its debut project Documents, in releasing a string of major hits. Documents is the first hip hop reggae album to achieve platinum status in the Netherlands on the strength of the singles CocktailCrisis and U Wait. The Postmen sound dominated the charts, and Documents became a cultural phenomenon.


Since 1998, Stotijn has produced 7 studio albums between 1998 and 2011. He is known for his distinctive pop culture sound, with catchy melodies, saucy basslines and sweet energy. Stotijn has also produced for diverse artists in multiple genres, including Def Rhymz “De Bom” (1999), E-Life “In Doubt ’99” (1999), Morgan Heritage “Our World” (2001), Anouk “Jerusalem” (2004), “Downhill” (2006), “Good God” (2007), Berget Lewis “Let Me See Ya Move” (2007) Gers Pardoel & Doe Maar “Liever Dan Lief (2012).


Postmen have been seen at all major festivals and won every award in the Dutch music industry. He is credited as the key figure in the popularization of hip hop and reggae in the Netherlands.


2018 marks 20 years of the Postmen sound and legacy.


Stotijn is celebrating by releasing his first music project in 6 years; a three-part EP series entitled ‘Love Me or Love Me Not.